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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info (UT) >> GameInfo >> UnrealMPGameInfo (Package:UnrealGame)



bool bSoaking 
Not Used in this class or any of the subclasses.

Foxpaw: I believe "soaking" is used by the AI. If there is a fatal error in the AI, (IE it can't figure out what it wants to do) it "soaks," pausing the game and moving the camera to view the thing that is soaking. I believe it's a debugging tool, but I don't know how one goes about engaging it.

SuperApe: There's a "soakbots" console command. I'm not exactly sure how it is used either. A paragraph that describes this would be helpful on Strategic Bots.

float EndTime 
The time at which the game is to end.
TranslocaterBeacon BeaconList 
A list of beacons contained in the game.
ScoreBoard LocalStatsScreenClass 
The ScoreBoard for the game, which shows various game information throughout play.

Configuration File Loaded (See: Config_Vars_And_.Ini_Files and Localization).

The following variables are globalconfig. These variables are final and cannot be overriden in subclasses.

int MinPlayers 
The minimum number of players for a net game. Bots are used to meet this number if human players are not available.
bool bPreloadAllSkins 
True forces the loading of all characters and skins (.upl), False does not force them to load.
float EndTimeDelay 
The time delay that takes place after the end of the game before the beginning of the next game.

The following variables are config. These variables may be overriden in subclasses.

bool bTeamScoreRounds 

The following variables are localized. These variables can be located in a localization file.

private localized string MPGIPropsDisplayText[3] 


Inherited From GameInfo

static FillPlayInfo(PlayInfo PlayInfo) 
Adds additional information to the PlayInfo, which is the list of the current settings in the game.
int GetNumPlayers() 
Returns the number of players in the game.
KillEvent (string Killtype,PlayerReplicationInfo Killer, PlayerReplicationInfo Victim,class<DamageType> Damage) 
When a player is killed through surroundings, suicide, or another player this function is called.
bool PickupQuery(Pawn Other,Pickup item) 
Restarts the game.
ScoreEvent (PlayerReplicationInfo Who, float Points, string Desc) 
This is called when a player scores. In this case the scoring data is passed to GameStats for logging.
bool ShouldRespawn (Pickup Other) 
Returns True if the Pickup should respawn and returns False if the Pickup should not respawn.
TeamScoreEvent (int Team, float Points, string Desc) 
This is called when a team score event has occured. In this case the scoring data is passed to GameStats ofr logging.
bool TooManyBots (Controller botToRemove) 
Returns True if the there are too many bots on the level and False if there are not an excess of bots on the level.

New Methods

ChangeLoadOut (PlayerController P, string LoadoutName) 
No Code. Used to change the Pawn that the PlayerController is controlling.
Forces the addition of a a bot to the game regardless of the maximum and minimum number of players.
GameEvent (string GEvent, string Desc, PlayerReplicationInfo Who) 
Used to handle when a Game Event is generated. Example game events might be: flag_taken, flag_pickup, bomb_taken, bomb_pickup, flag_returned, etc.
InitPlacedBot (Controller C, RosterEntry R) 
No Code. This method is used to initialize a bot for gameplay by assigning to a team as needed.
float SpawnWait (AIController B) 
Returns the amount of time an AIController must wait before respawning back into the game.
SpecialEvent (PlayerReplicationInfo Who, string Desc) 
Used to handle special events caused by a player. In this case the player and the event are passed to the GameStats where they are logged.

Known subclasses

       |     +-CTFGame
       |     |     +-xCTFGame
       |     +-xBombingRun
       |     +-xDoubleDom
       |     +-xTeamGame