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This subpage contains documentation, categories and other content that is not part of the template.
To view the template page itself, see Template:Infobox interface.

This template provides an info box for an interface class. The info box can contain relevant information like parent interfaces.



{{Infobox interface
| interface = UIDataStorePublisher
| package   = Engine
| game      = UT3
| engine    = UE3
| parent    = UIDataStoreSubscriber
UT3 Interface >> UIDataStoreSubscriber >> UIDataStorePublisher


Known implementing classes:
UICheckbox, UIComboBox, UIContextMenu, UIEditBox, UIImage, UILabelButton, UIList, UINumericEditBox, UINumericOptionList, UIOptionList, UIOptionListBase, UIProgressBar, UISlider, UITabButton, UIToggleButton, UTMapBackgroundImage, UTMapRoundImage, UTUIButtonBarButton, UTUICollectionCheckBox, UTUIComboBox, UTUIEditBox, UTUIList, UTUINumericEditBox, UTUIOptionButton, UTUISlider, UTUI_ContextMenu
This interface in other games:

If interface, game or engine are missing, they are derived from the current page name. Engine and game are only used for page and category links. It's usually better to let the template derive class, game and engine from the page name. If the interface has a super interface other than "Interface" itself, the list of parent interfaces up to (but excluding) "Interface" should be specified. If more than one parent needs to be specified, use parent1, parent2, etc., with parent1 being a synonym for parent.

For the interface "Interface" itself the class "Object" is given as parent, because technically "Interface" is an abstract class extending "Object" and all other interfaces are abstract classes extending either class "Interface" or their parent interface.

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