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UE1:SpeedShadow (UT)

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UT Object >> Actor >> Effects >> SpeedShadow

A "shadow" effect left behind by players with the Relic of Speed (RelicSpeedInventory) that is spawned by the SpeedShell.

Default values[edit]

Property Value
AnimRate 17.0
bAnimLoop True
bHighDetail True
bOwnerNoSee True
bUnlit True
DrawType DT_Mesh
LODBias 0.1
Mesh LodMesh'Botpack.Soldier'
RemoteRole ROLE_None
Style STY_Translucent



simulated event PostBeginPlay ()

Overrides: Actor.PostBeginPlay

Copies the player's current mesh, skins and animation frame, except that it is made translucent.


simulated event Tick (float Delta)

Overrides: Actor.Tick

Fades out the speed shadow so it vanishes after 1/3rd of a second. At this point the SpeedShadow is destroyed.