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Legacy:UnrealEd 2

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This article covers the UnrealEd 2 (UT) user interface. See also:

Main Window[edit]

Legacy interface-Ed2-main.gif

The areas of the UnrealEd main window are:

  1. Title bar and UnrealEd Main Menu
  2. Along the top: the toolbar
  3. Down the left-hand side: the toolbox
  4. The UnrealEd Viewport area: each viewport is one window in the main section of UnrealEd.
  5. the Console bar, which includes the UnrealEd Console, grid control and a few other buttons.


Floating Windows[edit]

Many of UnrealEd's functions are accessed through floating windows.

Property Windows[edit]

These are called up from the View menu. In addition, the Actor and Surface properties can be summoned from the toolbar or by right-clicking actors or surfaces and selecting 'properties' from the right-click menu.

Resource Browsers[edit]

These allow resources to be loaded & then selected to be placed into a map. All of these windows maybe be docked into a master browser window for convenience.

Tool Windows[edit]

Some of the items in the toolbox have associated windows.

  • right-clicking on one of the brushbuilders in the toolbox opens a parameters window
  • right-clicking on the 'Add mover' button in the toolbox pops up a list of mover types.
  • the lower-right button in the brush operations group opens the Add Special window when clicked

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