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UE3:UTVehicle structs (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> Actor >> Pawn >> Vehicle >> SVehicle >> UTVehicleBase >> UTVehicle (structs)
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Modifiers: native

MaterialInstanceTimeVarying MITV 
float CurrValue 
We need to store the value of the MIC set param on a per material basis as we have some MICs where are

vastly different than the others.


Modifiers: native

name DamageParamName 
float Scale 


Modifiers: native

Damage Morphing

name MorphNodeName 
These are used to reference the MorphNode that is represented by this struct
MorphNodeWeight MorphNode 
Link to the actual node
name LinkedMorphNodeName 
These are used to reference the next node if this is at 0 health. It can be none
int LinkedMorphNodeIndex 
Actual Node pointed to by LinkMorphNodeName
name InfluenceBone 
This holds the bone that influences this node
int Health 
This is the current health of the node. If it reaches 0, then we should pass damage to the linked node
array<name> DamagePropNames 
Holds the name of the Damage Material Scalar property to adjust when it takes damage

Default values:

Property Value
Health 1


Modifiers: native

team specific materials to apply when spawning in

array<MaterialInterface> Materials 


Modifiers: native

Saved Camera positions (for lagging camera)

Object.Vector Position 
float Time 


Modifiers: native

name AnimTag 
Used to look up the animation
array<name> AnimSeqs 
Animation Sequence sets to play
float AnimRate 
Rate to play it at
bool bAnimLoopLastSeq 
Does it loop
name AnimPlayerName 
The name of the UTAnimNodeSequence to use


Modifiers: native

Holds the needed data to create various effects that respond to different actions on the vehicle

name EffectStartTag 
Tag used to trigger the effect
name EffectEndTag 
Tag used to kill the effect
bool bRestartRunning 
If true should restart running effects, if false will just keep running
bool bHighDetailOnly 
ParticleSystem EffectTemplate 
Template to use
ParticleSystem EffectTemplate_Blue 
Template to use for the blue team (may or may not be one)
name EffectSocket 
Socket to attach to
ParticleSystemComponent EffectRef 
The Actual PSC

Default values:

Property Value
bRestartRunning False


Modifiers: native

The VehicleSeat struct defines each available seat in the vehicle.

Pawn StoragePawn 
Who is sitting in this seat.
Vehicle SeatPawn 
Reference to the WeaponPawn if any
class<UTVehicleWeapon> GunClass 
class of weapon for this seat
UTVehicleWeapon Gun 
Reference to the gun
array<name> GunSocket 
Name of the socket to use for effects/spawning
array<name> GunPivotPoints 
Where to pivot the weapon
int BarrelIndex 
string TurretVarPrefix 
This is the prefix for the various weapon vars (WeaponRotation, FlashCount, etc)
array<WeaponEffectInfo> WeaponEffects 
list of locations for weapon bonus effects (UDamage, etc) and the component references if those effects are active
name WeaponRotationName 
Cached names for this turret
name FlashLocationName 
name FlashCountName 
name FiringModeName 
pointer WeaponRotationProperty 
Cache pointers to the actual UProperty that is needed
pointer FlashLocationProperty 
pointer FlashCountProperty 
pointer FiringModeProperty 
Object.Rotator LastWeaponRotation 
Holds a duplicate of the WeaponRotation value. It's used to determine if a turret is turning
array<name> TurretControls 
This holds all associated TurretInfos for this seat
array<UTSkelControl_TurretConstrained> TurretControllers 
Hold the actual controllers
Object.Vector AimPoint 
Cached in ApplyWeaponRotation, this is the vector in the world where the player is currently aiming
Actor AimTarget 
Cached in ApplyWeaponRotation, this is the actor the seat is currently aiming at (can be none)
float PivotFireOffsetZ 
Z distance between weapon pivot and actual firing location - used to correct aiming rotation.
bool bDisableOffsetZAdjust 
Disable adjustment to turret pitch based on PivotFireOffsetZ.
name CameraTag 
Name of the Bone/Socket to base the camera on
Object.Vector CameraBaseOffset 
Optional offset to add to the cameratag location, to determine base camera
Object.Vector CameraSafeOffset 
Optional offset to add to the vehicle location, to determine safe trace start point
float CameraOffset 
how far camera is pulled back
float CameraEyeHeight 
The Eye Height for Weapon Pawns
float ViewPitchMin 
Used for setting the ViewPitchMin on the Weapon pawn
float ViewPitchMax 
Used for setting the ViewPitchMax on the Weapon pawn
bool bSeatVisible 
Is this a visible Seat
name SeatBone 
Name of the Bone to use as an anchor for the pawn
Object.Vector SeatOffset 
Offset from the origin to place the based pawn
Object.Rotator SeatRotation 
Any additional rotation needed when placing the based pawn
name SeatSocket 
Name of the Socket to attach to
class<UTExplosionLight> MuzzleFlashLightClass 
UTExplosionLight MuzzleFlashLight 
class<UTExplosionLight> ImpactFlashLightClass 
float DriverDamageMult 
damage to the driver is multiplied by this value
AudioComponent SeatMotionAudio 
The sound to play when this seat is in motion (ie: turning)
VehicleMovementEffect SeatMovementEffect 
Object.Vector2D SeatIconPOS 


Modifiers: native

name SoundStartTag 
name SoundEndTag 
SoundCue SoundTemplate 
AudioComponent SoundRef 


Modifiers: native

info on locations for weapon bonus effects (UDamage, etc)

name SocketName 
socket to base on
Object.Vector Offset 
offset from the socket to place the effect
Object.Vector Scale3D 
Scaling for the effect
StaticMeshComponent Effect 
reference to the component

Default values:

Property Value
Member Value
X 1.0
Y 1.0
Z 1.0